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The Ukraine Collection

Welcome to Old Hippy Art's Ukraine Collection. With all the heartbreak and devastation Ukrainians are currently facing, Mikel & Clarissa Tolman in conjunction with Foundation28, have released the Ukraine Collection; Each piece being created years ago and just now being released to support Ukraine.

The Ukraine Collection has been developed to serve those trying to find asylum from their homeland. All profits will be donated to the UN Refugee Agency that is currently providing support to displaced Ukrainians. Any sort of support is greatly appreciated in helping our fellow human beings.

Ukraine Temple.jpg


The Kyiv Temple

Mikel Tolman's rendition of the Latter Day Saint's Temple built in Ukraine.


Devil's Pain

Devil's PainTolman
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Devil's Pain.jpg
The Cost of My Freedom.jpg


The Cost of My Freedom

"The Cost of My Freedom is my interpretation of an American war monument that has always touched my heart. All too often, all that is left when a soldier is killed in action are the strappings of his/her dedication to freedom."

-Mikel Tolman


The Eve of Our Destruction

"The modern army tank represents earth-bound destruction. As we have found out through the recent Russian invasion of Ukraine, bravery and determination can prove stronger than these tanks."

-Mikel & Clarissa Tolman

The Eve of Our Destruction.jpg
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